Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Innovative platform to monetize social profiles

We'd like to tell you about a unique, innovative and powerful platform that were building that monetizes social profiles, without the need for advertising, sponsorship or subscriptions.

Introducing the Atlas of Us…

Our platform is based on two “standard models” employed by many successful social network services (SNS) and advertising networks that are in use today.  The third element – the ‘glue’ – is the FORM to bring these two models together.

The first standard model is VANITY.

We take advantage of the many people who are wanting to “seen” on their, street, city, state or even country they reside.  This could be to promote their face, their name, their social/online brand, their latest photo, wall post, tweet, check-in or blog entry.  As we know – the 80/20 rule applies across SNS’s today and, give or take, around 20% of the active user bases on major SNS’s today generate 80% of the UGC and ‘social noise’.  These are users that are generally more vain than their peers – the ones that constantly tweet, update, post photos of their last night out, the new handbag or watch and generally are more narcissistic than others.  The bottom line is, that without these types of people, there wouldn’t be the amount of UGC we have today on our SNS’s.

The second standard model is a NATURAL MARKET.

We combine the first ‘vanity / been seen’ model with another model that we all know works – the ‘natural market’ or ‘auction system’, similar to the one employed by Google Adwords – where brands pay more than the next to ensure their paid search results appears higher and are seen (and clicked) more – to form a compelling, and market driven monetization mechanism.  The result is that those people who want to be seen, only pay to be seen.  But, when there is a competitive environment – where more than one person wants to promote themselves over the other, then we have a natural market scenario.  Not all have to pay, and not all will.  Payment doesn't need to be in the way of cash, it can be other currencies as well – this is up to you, and how you want to use it.

The glue – the FORM.

To enable both of these standard models to work effectively and in unison, we’ve come up with a very unique, very compelling, but extremely simple, unique “FORM”.  The form – or how the profiles are presented within the interface (browser or app) is the key and the main USP of the system.  This unique form that we’ve developed uses a combination of geo-centric restrictions and a natural market mechanism to achieve these goals, a bit like the world in which we live.  The world isn’t flat – and therefore neither should our social network  be...

What seems like a very simple concept (once you’ve seen it) has taken us about 3 years of development and a lot of thought to create. 

So, as you can imagine, we want to protect it was much as possible so we’re not at liberty to say more than this (without giving away the farm), but would like to have a call to see if you’re interested, and if so, to get a watertight NDA in place before we give you a demo of what we have.

Feel free to call us at +1 646 783 8808 or email@atlasof.us or follow @atlasofus

Thanks for reading.